The River Runners : Happenings at Covent Garden Nike Shop

I used to be a pretty keen runner some years ago when I first moved to London, but somehow it changed into few gym sessions, rollerblading in the park and walks to the office. When my friend told me about River Runners’ I thought I might as well check it out, as I couldn’t really remember why I stopped running in the first place, apart from my face going embarrassingly red after each jog.

So I found myself at Nike Shop at Covent Garden on a Wednesday evening after work. The shop was packed of people in the sports gear and I was asked to fill out a form and sign my name, age group and the type of trainers I use on the register. The fact that I was wearing Adidas trainers at a Nike run made me feel slightly guilty, but maybe that’s why they make us sign the register each time?


Anyhow, the group of around 40 joggers started moving across the river to a warm up spot and after a few exercises, the groups were divided into 3 – 5km,7km and 10km runs. For it being the first run for me, I joined the 5km group and off we went. Have to say that running along the river is one of the nicest ways to explore London. I let go a little sigh running across the bridge observing the whole of London lit up in the evening. Absolutely stunning. Initially, runners would be chatting away, but as the kilometres passed and everyone tried to keep up with the pace, we’d just focus on our breathing and the passing sights. Every route takes one back to the Covent Garden shop and once there, a bottle of water is waiting and people can also collect stamps to get their very own Nike River Runner shirt.

All in all, I would definitely recommend trying out the River Runners, particularly as running together in a group really does make you work harder and push the limits. There’s a Ladies Only run on Monday evening, which I am yet to try out.


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