Vietnamese Berliner style

When in Berlin, going to small breweries and eating proper German food, is probably the thing to do. However, after the Christmas feast, something healthy looking and oriental might be a better option.

I was recommended one restaurant in Berlin by a friend, Chen Che. Vietnamese food, but Berliner style. By chance it was also near our hotel Circus.


We were greeted with a friendly smile in a dim-Iit restaurant. The centrepiece, a huge Asian style chandelier, for which they had to take down part of the wall to get it inside, got a lot of our attention.



The menu was surprisingly brief of a Vietnamese restaurant, compared to places on London’s Kingsland Road. The staff explained that this is to ensure that all the ingredients are most fresh. Furthermore, the drinks menu for teas, coffees and funky looking non-alcoholic cocktails took over many of the pages.


We chose dishes with baby aubergine and coconut rice, for mains green curry with chicken and one with tofu. All in all it was pretty amazing and very filling. Really enjoyed that place. Hidden away on a small alleyway near Alexander Platz, Chen Che is a little gem to discover.



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