Leipzig Zoo – visiting the tropics in Germany

Gerald Durrell’s book “My family and other animals” inspired me to have a zoo one day when I was little. I did try, but it only got as far as three cockatiels, three lovebirds and a couple of canaries.

However, if I was an animal living in a zoo, I’d most definitely like to live in the zoo of Leipzig.

The environment which has been created is incredible. Indoor space they’ve named as Gondwanaland  resembling that of a rainforest has been created for tropical animals, which you can explore sitting on a boat (!)



There is also Pongoland, a whole indoor space for gorillas, chimpanzees and bonobos. All with very different characters, but very playful and curious.



Oh of course, and then there are the elephants.


Little tip, if you don’t want to spend the whole day there and not benefit from numerous restaurants inside the zoo, go after 3.30pm, when the entry fee is discounted to €12.


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