Roller Lash – Mascara by Benefit, comes with Elle

Mascara on one the essential make-up items. So when I read on A Model Recommends about the Roller Lash by Benefit, I didn’t actually pay too much attention to it, however, I kept it ‘behind my ear.’ When I stepped into M&S the other day, I saw Elle Magazine on sale and it all clicked – the mascara is ‘the freebie’ with March Elle, so of course I fell for the marketing and I bought it.


Have to say, I’m quite keen on small ‘sample’ size mascaras, as they’re easier to use when travelling and the mascaras won’t last too long anyways, so it has worked out very well for me.


I tried it out yesterday when I put on a generous layer at 5am, however I have to say that it didn’t come off at all the whole day, lasted until after midnight – so it definitely gets a big tick for long lasting. It also beautifully curled my eye lashes, but I wouldn’t say it lengthened them that much, which in my case it’s fine, as I’d like to keep my eyelashes relatively business-like if there any way to refer to them that way.

So I definitely recommend getting the March Elle magazine – how strange they’re selling it in January (?). It’s the first time I’ve ever tried any Benefit products and this mascara is by far one of my favourite mascaras ever.


Shu Uemura – The Skin Purifier

Sleep is one of the most important beauty secrets. That is why I treasure every single extra sleep minute I can have in the mornings. Hence the beauty procedures that work for me have to be quite straight forward and as hassle free as possible.

Few months ago it seems I have found my match made in heaven. That is the wonderful Skin Purifier by Shu Uemura. Getting up at 04.50am this morning (happens very rarely in my case), it was pure please to have a few pumps of purifying oil on my hand and get the face cleaned to start the day. The oil creates a warm yet refreshing sensation and really feels like the skin has got a thorough clean up. It also works brilliantly for removing makeup at the end of the day. Nothing else needed, just massage the oil on the face and wash it off with some warm water.

This skin purifier is particularly suitable for city dwellers, as the moringa extract removes the pollutants and anti-oxidative green tea extract relieves ageing stress.


This cleanser feels amazing to use and it’ll last you a very long time – 4 pumps they say you should use, but to be honest it must depend on the strength of the pump!

If you wanted to try out Shu Uemura products in style, then Liberty of London sometimes have some treatment sessions, where for the price of the treatment you get the treatment AND products to take home with out. What is most special that the treatment (at least the one I went to), was in a dim lit room with silver foiled ceiling, where Queen Mary once used to come and visit the store to try out jewellery. Talk about Royal treatment.



Available treatments at Liberty can be found here.

As Shu Uemura’s philosophy goes ‘make-up starts and finishes with cleansing.’

Ciaté – January Nail detox

For somebody who is normally not very big on nail polishes, I have recently been unusually excited about them. It all started when I was looking for an advent calendar for Christmas and came across the Ciaté Manor, which is calendar where you get a different nail polish each day.

Well, eventually I ended up not getting it before Christmas, as I just couldn’t justify spending £49 on nail polish. However, I did buy it for Christmas Day, as it was then discounted at ASOS.

Well then, what’s got me excited now is that Ciaté has a 70% sale on their website, so anything your heart desires is available now only with a fraction of the price at their SALE.

I’m thinking of getting the Caviar Manicure, Gold Digga nail polish and Blue Suede Velvet Manicure.

So if there’s a reason why to treat yourself or you can make up a reason why you should treat yourself, then why don’t you…? Alternatively, good opportunity to buy some presents.

PS! Mini Manor still available on ASOS here.

Taro – Bit of Japanese food on Brewer street, London

My sister is a huge fan of Japanese food. Hence there’s no option to avoid going to a Japanese spot with her. Taro is a small Japanese place just around the corner from Piccadilly in Soho, buzzing with local and tourists alike. If the quality of a place is to be decided by how many natives are to be seen, then Taro ranks pretty high. The restaurant was busy when we arrived around 7pm and still full when we left around 9.30pm.


We ordered some spicy edamame and seaweed salad to begin with and also shared a Tempura California roll – the arrived in an instant, literally.


We also received three miso soups instead of just one we had ordered, but nevermind, it was tasty. It look a little longer for our mains, salmon teriyaki bento and beef teriyaki bento came soon enough, however the salmon teri don somehow didn’t arrive, so we were patiently waiting for this to arrive and I swear to was Mr Taro himself who noticed that something was missing and after a minute the teri don had arrived as well. For a few moments there was not much conversation happening, as we all focused on devouring our meals.

There were so many other options to try from the menu that I shall definitely return when in that area during evening. Although it could also be a good place for a catch up with friends over lunch. I’ve got my eye on the Salmon Teriyaki Soba (sorry I’m not very inventive here, but I do know what I like).  The bill for 3 people came to £60 with various drinks included and what is even better, the Old Compton Street does home free home delivery with orders over £20. Sweet.

Taro Restaurants:

Every girl needs a bit of JOIK

Getting back to the work rhythm after a long sleepy-watch-movies Christmas break is not the easiest to say the least. However, there’s something to save the day and get you back on track, which is … a lovely calming bath. There was a parcel waiting for me at home just after New Year from a friend, containing these amazing Joik lavender truffles.

Joik lavender truffles (£11.90), Joik chai masala candle (£17.50), Joik grapefruit and mandarin bodyscrub (£18)

Joik is a beauty brand from Estonia. Natural and nature loving, in the last years it has won many girl’s hearts. I was also presented a Joik Chai Masala candle by another friend over Christmas and got grapefruit and mandarin body scrub for my birthday. Share the love – this must clearly be a sign of appreciation by Estonian girls.


So there I was, after a long day and first early morning I prepared myself for a Chai Masala candle-lit lavender soothing and grapefruit-mandarin invigorating bath night.I simply popped the lavender truffle into the bath and it slowly started melting, releasing an amazing scent of lavender and softening the water. Lavender bath truffles are made of natural essential oil, rich in cocoa butter that leave skin velvety and moisturised. Absolutely gorgeous and makes it very difficult to step out of the bath I promise.


For a more invigorating experience, I would recommend to use the grapefruit and mandarin body scrub with sugar and jojoba granules. Apparently this is also one of Joik’s bestsellers. Gently exfoliating, white sugar and jojoba granules remove dead skin-cells leaving the skin soft and smooth. Cocoa butter, shea butter and olive oil nourish the skin.


This week I’ve had three baths and counting. There’s plenty of my India Masala tea candle left. It has a scent of  an aromatic spiced tea with a complex mixture of spicy cinnamon bark, cloves, ginger, cardamon and nutmeg with bottom notes of rich and creamy milk. Despite the impressive list of ingredients for a candle, it’s not overpowering and therefore works for me perfectly.

If you wanted to check out Joik’s website, take a look here.

The products are available to buy on two UK websites: (you also get 15% off your first order)