Every girl needs a bit of JOIK

Getting back to the work rhythm after a long sleepy-watch-movies Christmas break is not the easiest to say the least. However, there’s something to save the day and get you back on track, which is … a lovely calming bath. There was a parcel waiting for me at home just after New Year from a friend, containing these amazing Joik lavender truffles.

Joik lavender truffles (£11.90), Joik chai masala candle (£17.50), Joik grapefruit and mandarin bodyscrub (£18)

Joik is a beauty brand from Estonia. Natural and nature loving, in the last years it has won many girl’s hearts. I was also presented a Joik Chai Masala candle by another friend over Christmas and got grapefruit and mandarin body scrub for my birthday. Share the love – this must clearly be a sign of appreciation by Estonian girls.


So there I was, after a long day and first early morning I prepared myself for a Chai Masala candle-lit lavender soothing and grapefruit-mandarin invigorating bath night.I simply popped the lavender truffle into the bath and it slowly started melting, releasing an amazing scent of lavender and softening the water. Lavender bath truffles are made of natural essential oil, rich in cocoa butter that leave skin velvety and moisturised. Absolutely gorgeous and makes it very difficult to step out of the bath I promise.


For a more invigorating experience, I would recommend to use the grapefruit and mandarin body scrub with sugar and jojoba granules. Apparently this is also one of Joik’s bestsellers. Gently exfoliating, white sugar and jojoba granules remove dead skin-cells leaving the skin soft and smooth. Cocoa butter, shea butter and olive oil nourish the skin.


This week I’ve had three baths and counting. There’s plenty of my India Masala tea candle left. It has a scent of  an aromatic spiced tea with a complex mixture of spicy cinnamon bark, cloves, ginger, cardamon and nutmeg with bottom notes of rich and creamy milk. Despite the impressive list of ingredients for a candle, it’s not overpowering and therefore works for me perfectly.

If you wanted to check out Joik’s website, take a look here.

The products are available to buy on two UK websites:
lovelula.com (you also get 15% off your first order)


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