Taro – Bit of Japanese food on Brewer street, London

My sister is a huge fan of Japanese food. Hence there’s no option to avoid going to a Japanese spot with her. Taro is a small Japanese place just around the corner from Piccadilly in Soho, buzzing with local and tourists alike. If the quality of a place is to be decided by how many natives are to be seen, then Taro ranks pretty high. The restaurant was busy when we arrived around 7pm and still full when we left around 9.30pm.


We ordered some spicy edamame and seaweed salad to begin with and also shared a Tempura California roll – the arrived in an instant, literally.


We also received three miso soups instead of just one we had ordered, but nevermind, it was tasty. It look a little longer for our mains, salmon teriyaki bento and beef teriyaki bento came soon enough, however the salmon teri don somehow didn’t arrive, so we were patiently waiting for this to arrive and I swear to was Mr Taro himself who noticed that something was missing and after a minute the teri don had arrived as well. For a few moments there was not much conversation happening, as we all focused on devouring our meals.

There were so many other options to try from the menu that I shall definitely return when in that area during evening. Although it could also be a good place for a catch up with friends over lunch. I’ve got my eye on the Salmon Teriyaki Soba (sorry I’m not very inventive here, but I do know what I like).  The bill for 3 people came to £60 with various drinks included and what is even better, the Old Compton Street does home free home delivery with orders over £20. Sweet.

Taro Restaurants: http://www.tarorestaurants.co.uk


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