Ciaté – January Nail detox

For somebody who is normally not very big on nail polishes, I have recently been unusually excited about them. It all started when I was looking for an advent calendar for Christmas and came across the Ciaté Manor, which is calendar where you get a different nail polish each day.

Well, eventually I ended up not getting it before Christmas, as I just couldn’t justify spending £49 on nail polish. However, I did buy it for Christmas Day, as it was then discounted at ASOS.

Well then, what’s got me excited now is that Ciaté has a 70% sale on their website, so anything your heart desires is available now only with a fraction of the price at their SALE.

I’m thinking of getting the Caviar Manicure, Gold Digga nail polish and Blue Suede Velvet Manicure.

So if there’s a reason why to treat yourself or you can make up a reason why you should treat yourself, then why don’t you…? Alternatively, good opportunity to buy some presents.

PS! Mini Manor still available on ASOS here.


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