Youbeauty Discovery Box – February

Few months ago I signed up for Youbeauty discovery boxes, just because I like the idea that I can receive a box by post each month. Apart from making me wish that more people were sending little presents and letters by mail these days, it does only cost £6.95 and gives me something to look forward to. I naturally lean towards exploring new products and always wonder what else could I be missing.
imageYoubeauty gives you the option to choose two products out of six that they have each month. This month the choice was between Proto-col moisturising facial gel, L’Occitane en Provence almond hand cream, Kiss the Moon bath oil and facial oil, Josh Wood colour blending wands, In.Fused body scrub and Green People Age Defy+ moisturiser.

I went for the moisturiser options, just because I’ve been running out of mine and they seemed pretty adventurous. Green People’s Age Defy has a gentle herbal like scent and is completely natural and organic with 33 special ingredients to keep my skin looking young. Considering that the 30ml tube sells for £34.95, getting a 12ml tube in the box is generous and good value. Really happy with this moisturiser.

The Proto-col facial gel that I got has a lot of vitamins in it, however also includes various types of parabens, which I normally try to avoid in my lotions, so may not be too keen to use that. However, will give it a little go.

And last but not least, the fabulous Lindt Lindor chocolates were added in the box too, chocolate being one of my biggest vice, I am not complaining

So, then half a month left until the next box.




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