Evening with Michelin Star Chefs

Having a Michelin-star dinner is a special treat, ever so often. Well, not really that often. So it’s pretty amazing to have attended a charity dinner with not one, but five Michelin star studded chefs.

Obviously in these occasions, expectations are pretty high, and aesthetically none of the chefs failed to impress.

The starter was by Tom Seller from restaurant Story.

The second course by James ‘Jocky’ Petrie was probably one of my favourites, but mostly because I heart scallops. The sauce perhaps didn’t allow the flavour of scallops come through as well, but very satisfying dish anyhow to push through the pastry and find the gorgeous scallops there in the sauce waiting to be eaten.

The third course by Adam Simmonds of Danesfield House was rather complicated one, suppose the correct word to describe it would be ‘refined’. Each of the ingredients were something special and slightly unknown. I think it took the chef about 5 minutes to go through each ingredient one by one.

The main course by Richard Bainbridge of Morston Hall was probably the most memorable one. Largely because of the way the Chef described his food. ‘I’ve prepared something hearty and I would like you to eat some yum yum food and have a little giggle’. How sweet is that?

And then there is the dessert by Simon Hulstone of The Elephant. I love desserts and this one was pretty amazing. Rhubarb is one of my favourites and reminds me of home, so my dessert didn’t last more than a few minutes.


Have to say that it’s not the same having to cook for hundreds of people, I would think that the Chefs would even do a better job cooking for only a small amount of people. When I asked the Chefs at the end of the evening, which restaurants they’d recommend to go, I was pretty happy to hear that they suggested to restaurants I’ve already been to – The Ledbury,my absolute favourite, and Dinner by Heston Blumenthal.


Any other recommendations from you out there?


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