Les Trois Garcons – One Last Week in East London

Les Trois Garcons is a restaurant in East London, in fact it has been there for 15 years pioneering fine dining in the East. I’d heard about this restaurant before, mainly from French I must say, but never got around to going there. Sadly in life all good things come to an end as such Les Trois Garcons is closing their doors on 28th February, already in 5 days’ time. If you wanted to have one last bite, better get there fast as it’s definitely worth it.


The highlight of the restaurant is definitely the décor – taxidermy, handbags in the ceiling, statues of monkeys and tigers, heart-shaped mirrors and a painting of the Les Trois Garcons overlooking the dining room. Turns out that some of the decorations will be actioned off at Christie’s. There’s a little article about it in the Telegraph here.





We started the meal with a complementary lobster bisque and fantastic freshly made focaccia with tomato. Our choice of mains, sea bass and veal, were memorable. Particularly the veal have to say. The glass of Slovenian wine, which sounded exciting, but this one didn’t taste as wonderful to meet my expectations. However, as a sweet tooth, the nougat glace a la noix de coco was simply superb. I washed it down with a glass of Marc de Gewurztraminer to prepare myself for a walk back to Liverpool street in the February cold. The bill arrived with some petits fours of white chocolate and biscuit. We ended the evening chatting with the manager, who told entertained us with some stories about his time at Les Trois Garcons and how the restaurant world is developing in London.


Les Trois Garcons felt very comfortable and understated and the staff effortlessly created a relaxed atmosphere. I’m sure this restaurant will be a place to be missed amongst all the trendy burger and pizza parlours now opening up in the East.


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