My top 5 tips for future brides

Exactly at this time one year ago I was preparing our big day. The wedding invites had just arrived and they were not as ‘perfect’ as I wanted them to be. I had ordered the dress I wanted, but it got lost in international post via UPS. I had no idea who was going to sing at our wedding, all the hotels were full and the list goes on. However, fast forward a few months we had the most wonderful wedding just the way we wanted it to be. Here are some of my top tips for those who are currently in the same position, strictly from brides perspective.


1. Get the dress you want. Some do say that it’s just a dress and you’ll only wear it once, but it is your wedding dress. You’ll look at it on the wedding photos for the rest of your life and you don’t want to keep repeating yourself that actually you had another dress you liked a lot more. It just won’t feel right.

2. Listen to yourself. There will be a lot of people giving you advice and coming up with various opinions, but the best response to that is just listen, but take a decision yourself. If you want Chinese lanterns, have Chinese lanterns. And if you want flashing rings, like we had (get some here even my granddad loved them) then have some. It’s your wedding, reflection of yourself and your husband, so make it just the way you want it. If you and your husband enjoy the party, everyone else will do so too.

3. Delegate. I got my sister and my parents to do the food tasting, my mother also helped me with arranging accommodation for the guests and went picking wild flowers with my sisters godmother the day before. My dad arranged the boat we rowed along the river and my granddad generously provided us his honey. Oh and my mother made her ceramics as wedding favor for all the guests. We even delegated a few roles to our wedding guests at the party, who went along and enjoyed it way too much.

4. Smile and enjoy yourself. A lot of thing will go wrong and it all won’t go according to the plan. The wedding means so much to you as a bride, but it won’t mean as much to others. The day before it turned out that my hairdresser was not going to make it, some of the people couldn’t make it last minute and on the day, my photographer had forgotten that he had to come to take photos of our wedding. It was disheartening, but for some reason it didn’t matter and it didn’t have any impact on how much we enjoyed the day. The people who want to be there and whom you want to be there, will be there. And when you smile and enjoy yourself, so will everyone else. Many people told me before the wedding, and I didn’t believe them, that the day will go by so quickly, and it did. More reason to know that you have to enjoy yourself!

5. Choose and take care of your bridesmaids. My bridesmaids were a great help during the wedding. First of all they organised a fantastic girls night the night before we had our official registration (I was still tipsy!) and did all the mingling with the guests, handing out crosswords and all the bits you definitely have no time to think of during the wedding. They are also someone to be there for honest opinion on shoes, hair style and The Dress and to take off any stress from your shoulders.

So, I thought I’d share these little tips with those who may find them useful. This is what I learnt from my experience, just relax, breathe in and you’ll be fine.


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