March Favourite: Verso Retinol 8 Moisturiser


Whow, talk about anti-ageing and luminous skin. This morning my skin was literally glowing (not in nuclear toxic kind of way) after I applied this cream. It has been an unexpected discovery this month, so had to give it a special note.

First of all, this cream is very pleasant to apply, it has a fresh smell and slightly gel-like consistency, which soaks nicely into skin. The effect is almost instant my skin looks more translucent and glowing.

I would rather not take on the responsibility of explaining what Retinol exactly is. However, my understanding of it is that it’s a form of vitamin A and instead of getting it through overdosing on carrots and kale, one can apply it directly on the skin for a more amplified effect. Here’s a link to Verso’s website for a more educated explanation.

Verso Retinol 8 also includes some vitamin B3 which further increases skin luminosity. The cream also contains sun filters (SPF 15).

Being a Swedish make, perhaps this cream is the secret to the Scandic beauties?

Can be bought at Cult Beauty and Selfridges. Price: £85 for 50 ml, most likely worth it if agrees with your skin. Only small quantity needed.


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