Sake No Hana – Perfect restaurant for girly catch up

There’s a restaurant that I’ve been meaning to try out for some time, Sake No Hana by Hakkasan. Have to say that what caught my attention was the £29 offer of four courses with a glass of prosecco at Opentable.

Perfect for a girly catch up dinner.

The restaurant itself has been decorated in a sleek, dit-lit modern style scented with Maroma Encens d’Auroville. The dining area is located upstairs, which you can access by a skinny lift. The staff welcome you with a big Japanese sounding cheer and seemed attentive throughout the whole meal. I was expecting for quite small portions for dinner, however, I was surprised how generous and beautifully presented the dishes were.

First up was the Koimo Shiro Misoshiru (also known as white miso soup with yam croquette). I am a big fan of croquettes, always have been, so it was a lovely addition to a miso soup.


The prawn tempuras followed soon after, almost on the exact moment I’d had my last bite of the soup. The prawns were delicate and chewy and the tempura was just right, i.e. I didn’t feel like eating a cod in batter, just a nice fluffy prawn.


The makis we had were so beautifully presented. The crunchy California maki with snow crab, avocado and cucumber was probably my favourite. Just because of the slight crunchy outside. The salmon maki looked as it they’d put a flower on top of it, sweet. Spicy maki perhaps could have even been more spicy to my liking. image

By this point we were pretty full. As you might know, rice also expands in your tummy. A little break between the courses and soon the mains arrived – tori sukiyaki toban (chicken sukiyaki with shiimeji mushrooms, sautéed onions and tofu) and salmon hola teriyaki. Both again beautifully presented and satisfying well prepared.




Lucky for us that the dessert was on the lighter end – passionfruit pannacotta. Again florally decorated, but extremely tasty. Just to clean our palettes.


We would have happily stayed longer to sip tea and chat, however a note from the waiter that they would be needing the table soon made us rush and some of the girly chat had to be kept for next time. I’d therefore suggest to go there slightly later, for a second seating, when you know that you wouldn’t be rushed to vacate the table for the next guests.

After passing by the bamboo themed ladies loo and treating our hands to some Aesop hand balm, the receptionist sent us off with a friendly smile and a little souvenir to take home with us (can’t tell you what!). I think I shall return.

Sake No Hana
23 St. James Street
London, SW1A 1HA


One thought on “Sake No Hana – Perfect restaurant for girly catch up

  1. Paulina

    Hi there! Enjoyed this post on Sake No Hana and was hoping to ask you a couple of questions. Could you send me a note at the address I’ve provided? Thank you!


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