I heart London Sample Sales


I don’t know how it took me so long, but last year in some point I discovered the world of London sample sales. There are quite a few and some are better than others, but it definitely satisfies both the shopaholic and bargain hunter in a few of us. It doesn’t help either that often they’re near my office. It’s great to own a few pieces of clothing or shoes, which otherwise would not be affordable.

The best source for sample sales is Time Out. However I have few times heard about them from friends who have found a discreet note in a newspaper.

My most satisfying purchases are my dandy slippers by Penelope Chilvers and high heeled boots by Charlotte Olympia. And thank god, even my husband said these are shoes worth talking about.

There is the danger to buy things one never uses and there is a danger to be stuck in a crowd of girls fighting over a pair of shoes. Thankfully it has never happened to me so far and well, I consider one good buy a success.

My little sample sales tips for you:
– Try to go at odd times, i.e. not straight after work or during lunch time
– Don’t buy something as it’s just there, look around, there’s plenty of sample sales, so just get the items you really love
– Sometimes it’s worth to bargain a little more.

What are your experiences?


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