Mazi restaurant in Notting Hill, bit of Mediterranean breeze in London

I’ve never been to Greece, so I wouldn’t consider myself an expert on Greek food, however, what they serve at Mazi near Notting Hill Gate, is pretty extraordinary. A rather cosy restaurant, with tables closely, but cleverly placed, it has a lovely warm atmosphere. I’d say that it follows the latest trend that seems to be happening in London (like at my other favourites Wormwood & Cepages), where dishes are meant for sharing and served as ‘tapas style’.

It initially took a bit of time to get served, apart from the on the house welcome shot, which we got straight away. However throughout the evening the waitress and waiter established a sort of a rhythm, where all the food arrived just at the right time. We started with Grandmama’s Meatballs from Smyrna with handmade crisps. Such a clever name for a dish, makes you feel like at home!


Followed by another jar with cuttlefish..


And then we took the leap to hot plates, starting with cool souvlaki with pork strip in rice paper. As I’ve never had Greek food, I’m not really sure how souvlaki is supposed to taste like, however according to my hubster it did taste like souvlaki, even if it didn’t look like one.


My husband then chose shredded rabbit stifado with pearl onion cream, which was wow so amazing. Extremely tender, felt like it had been cooked for days, in a nice way. The onion cream was nice and smooth and it was great to have little bits of veg too.


However, I saved myself mostly for the shiitake mushroom and potato dauphinoise mousaka. Partly because I know what it is and also because I love potato dauphinioise. It didn’t disappoint.


One would think that after such a hearty meal, we were full, but the quantities were just right, which left us room for dessert. And not just one dessert, but two!


I was recommended to get the galaktoboureko soaked in sweet syrup with milk custard by the waiter and it’s like he read my mind. The custard inside the pastry was gorgeous.


My hubster went for the portokalopita, filo cake with orange and cardamom and Greek coffee ice cream.Have to say I think mine was a lot more exciting, perhaps because I really like custard, but I would also recommend his dessert.

During your evening there, don’t miss out on visiting the loos downstairs. There’s an abundance of philosopher’s quotes to soak in for you.

W8 7SR


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