Afternoon tea at Dean Street Townhouse

Afternoon tea is something I always thought is such an English thing to do. The same way I thought many years ago that everyone in England drinks tea, visits castles and drives around in a Mini Cooper. Well, imagine my surprise when I landed in Newcastle in the North of England for my first trip on this island finding people drink Newcastle Brown Ale, go to St James’ to watch football and no not all of them drove around in Mini Coopers.

After 10 years of living here, I finally had a chance to try out the afternoon tea at Dean Street Townhouse. For £19.50 you get a wonderful selection of finger sandwiches, scones and fancy cakes and a pot of tea of your choice. For Central London, it’s a pretty good deal.


Even if the cakes look a little tiny, they are just the right size for sharing and nibbling those took us more than 3 hours. Incredible how fast time passes when girls are having a good old chat.


The townhouse itself has a great atmosphere, I’d imagine it being especially cosy on a cold winter day. The people look trendy-glamorous and the vibe of the place is relaxed, and just enough sophisticated.

Not bad for the first afternoon tea.


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