Gumbo Gallery New Orleans Supper Club in London

Quite a few months ago, when I was looking for some different restaurants to visit before my trip to Paris I stumbled onto a website called It’s not a website for restaurants, but an opportunity to ‘dine beyond restaurants.’ It features chefs from 150+ cities, however only 4% of all the chefs interviewed by the website have been accepted.


I spotted a funky supper club called the Gumbo Gallery and finally managed to try it out last week. Gumbo Gallery is run by Nataleigh, bubbly and friendly girl from Louisiana. She was also a great host throughout the evening and thoroughly explained the dishes and a few stories about Louisiana. I learnt that the stories I’ve heard of people floating around in rubber boats on rivers and drinking beer is indeed what they do.


The dinner was served at a lovely secret venue in central London, which you shall receive just before the event.


We were welcomed with a cocktail Pardon my Peaches with peach vodka, Lillet Rouge, fresh peach juice, lemon juice and spices, which is currently trending in New Orleans.

After a little chat with fellow diners we were seated and shortly served some New Orleans Cream Tea, cornbread and buttermilk biscuits served with homemade bread and butter pickles, roasted garlic butter and spicy pepper jelly. Have to say that these breads were divine, especially the cornbread. Unbelievable texture and spicy flavour.

This was then followed by Gumbo and rice rich and spicy Cajun stew with mushrooms, gumbo file and mixed grains. All vegetarian I have to say. It was very filling, so it was actually very tricky to have some space for next dish.

IMG_20150529_194610Fried tofu a southern tasting plate of grits, which is basically New Orleans version of polenta, smothered greens, pimento mac and cheese, fried tofu, roasted pecans and chill herb pistou sauce. There you go, a lot of choice and little bits to eat. I didn’t finish all of it though as I was very much looking forward to the dessert..


.. which was strawberry lemonade cake with homemade strawberry lemon jam and strawberry cream cheese frosting. It was very tasty and quite light. A sort of feel good cake I would say.


Coffee and Chicory, which is a root of a plant grown and harvested much like sugar beets, finished our evening.

If you are a vegetarian or looking at something different to do, then I would really recommend dining at Nataleigh’s. However, is you’re a meat lover, you might crave for something else.  I’m really glad I went, still cannot forget the taste of spicy New Orleans cornbread… mm.


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