Weleda – from Germany with Love

For some reason looking for beauty products from Germany is not something that ever occurred to me. It just doesn’t sound right. France, Paris, Grasse and lavender fields have more of a romantic and beauty oriented tone to it. However, I seem to have been slightly converted.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve received a few Weleda products as gifts and have to say that they are pretty wonderful.

It is more and more that I’m using products, which say and I hope, are, better for the body. And why would one use something that in the long term could turn out to be harmful?

Weleda story began as a collaboration between a Dutch doctor, an Austrian philosopher and a chemist and pharmacist from Munich at the beginning of 1920ies and until now it delivers the philosophy that the medicine should provide crucial stimuli for the body’s own healing powers. They follow the principle ‘what goes into our body is just as important as what does not’ avoiding the use of synthetic fragrances and dyes, preservatives and mineral oil-based ingredients.

The products I’ve been using for the past weeks are the Skin Food, which apparently is their top seller, Citrus Hydrating Body Lotion and Wild Rose Body Oil, which is my favourite out of the three.

The Wild Rose Body Oil comes in a green glass bottle, must be something to do with its medicinal heritage, and being 100ml also fits nicely into 100ml liquids bag when travelling. The scent is not an ordinary rose scent. It’s more of a musky, almost smoky rose scent. It took me a bit of time getting used to it, but a rose scent doesn’t have to be a sweet flower power. It’s slightly mysterious. I keep asking myself, what are you that I’m putting on my skin? I normally apply it straight after shower and it soaks in the skin very quickly. Apparently Demi Moore is a fan.

On the other hand, the Citrus Hydrating Body Oil is a completely different story. Refreshing citrus scent can be quite powerful to get you going in the mornings – perfect for sleepyheads like me. This body oil contains aloe vera, coconut oil and sesame oil for moisture and the essential citrus oils come from Weleda’s Sicilian trading partners Francesco and Concetta Salamita, whose cooperative includes about 100 islands throughout the island. I think this body lotion is best used in exactly that kind of climate – where refreshment is needed. Or you can argue the opposite – in a climate where you need something to take you to a sunny place.

Now the Skin Food seems to be undoubtedly the most loved product of Weleda. The list of celebrity fans in endless and includes ladies like Alexa Chung and Adele. This cream is the rescuer for very dry skin, however I’ve started using it regularly for my hands, in quite small quantities. The cream is rich, yet refreshing and have to say, my hands looked more moisturised than ever. I can imagine it being soothing for sunburns as well. The ingredients sunflower seed oil, extracts of wild pansy, chamomile, calendula and rosemary extract make me think of this cream as mash and bangers for skin, i.e. the ultimate comfort food for skin.  


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