What is in my beauty product? Skin Deep Cosmetics Database

Most of the girls love beauty products (saying most in case there are some who really do not care). Anyways, there are many around, so at times it’s difficult to differentiate between all of them. I’ve tried quite hard to understand what is actually inside the bottles I’m soaking my body in. Did you know that skin is actually the largest organ of our body?

 It can be quite difficult as some of the ingredients sound like something from my chemistry class at school, so the initial reaction is that it just can’t be right. So sometimes I just settle with the clear sentence of ‘sulphites and paraben free’. However, now it might all change. I may have discovered quite a useful tool, a database of  almost 70,000 beauty products, where researches have actually categorised the products basis the harm they can do to our bodies on a scale of 1-8. It can be found on the website of Environmental Working Group under Skin Deep including explanations on what each ingredient has been associated with.

For example one of my recent favourites Weleda Wild Rose Body Oil falls under low hazard level scoring 2. The reason for this appears to be the inclusion of fragrance, which if only by itself scores a whooping top 8!

Another useful blog post I’ve recently read by Caroline Hirons gives a crash course into how to read a product label. It’s very helpful in understanding what ingredients in what order are most influential in a product and how to spot that. To my shock, she completely disagrees with mineral oil, which is one of the main ingredients of my Shu Uemura face cleanser, my research into this in now ongoing.

Have you used the database before and what are your thoughts on it? Or are there any other options that can work?


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