Blogs I follow

I’ve noticed that recently, instead of reaching for a magazine, I’ve been a more avid reader of other blogs. At times it seems to be the best way to find out about new places to visit and new things to try out or guess I’ll have to admit it, new things to purchase.   

To share with you, below some of my favorite bloggers:

A Model Recommends or Ruth Crilly has such a great style of writing, whilst learning about new beauty products, she also manages to write in a very funny, upbeat way. She’s now also writing a new mother/baby blog called The Uphill, which is equally entertaining and useful at the same time.

The Londoner is written by Rosie, a very pretty lady with amazing hair living in London. Her blog comes with some amazing photographs, so in addition to reviews on fashion shows or restaurants, it’s also a pretty blog to have my eye rest on.

La Petite Anglaise is another young lady living in London, writing about fashion and various glitzy events. She does seem to get around a lot and I enjoy admiring her colourful outfits.

SilverSpoon London is a blog written by Angie, yet again another blogger from London. However, she writes more about luxury travel destinations and seems to have been to almost every restaurant worth visiting in London. Definitely a good read for some indulgement inspirations.

Please add your favourite blogs to comments so I can check them out.


Autumn favourites in New York

Those yellow taxis (which these days are being taken over by Uber), bagel stalls and high rise buildings are staples of New York in my mind. It’s an amazing feeling to arrive in New York, there’s a special energy when walking down the streets (my step count on my health app went up big time) of the Big Apple.

It’s the second time I’ve been to New York during autumn, and the first time when I really felt the freezing cold and the first time I really got the sense of HOW much the Americans love Halloween. SO much that they’ve already bought their costumes weeks in advance and everything is made out of pumpkin (slight exaggeration).

My things to do list from this time is..

..Visiting a rooftop, there are plenty out there and it’s really the best way to soak in the atmosphere of the city. Wonderful, if not high rooftop bar/restaurant, is at the Refinery hotel (63 W 38th Street), with extremely tasty desserts and great views to the city. I think any place with a view will really do, it doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive touristy one.

Visiting Macy’s has almost become a tradition of mine just before leaving the town. There always seem to be some sort of sale going on, perhaps there is a sale on every day (?) and I always seem to step out of the store with something from Michael Kors. Simply because I would never go to MK in London. The wellies I bought last year have become absolutely vital in my wardrobe. I didn’t think of it as much when I bought them, but it is a proof that it does rain a lot in London.

I have always wanted to visit an outlet and this time, I did. The one I went to was The Mills at Jersey Gardens which I’d say is miles away, but in reality, only a 40min bus ride away from Manhattan. Shops like Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria’s Secrets, Michael Kors and Coach are all there lined up to fill up your afternoon.  

 Have dinner somewhere special, with someone special. So me and my hubster went to Blue Hill at 75 Washington Place. It’s a restaurant founded by Dan Barber, who is very focused on fresh and seasonal ingredients. So focused in fact, that the first bits of our meal were presented to us as fresh radish and white chocolate. Whilst we were chomping on those, we were brought a bunch of vegetables to take a look at, before they were brought back to the kitchen to be cooked for us.   

The atmosphere of the restaurant somehow reminded me of places in London. The cocktails were outstanding, I love a place where the bar tender can prepare something from just giving her my favourite flavours. ‘Spicy’ and ‘fresh’ brought me a fantastic non-alcoholic  peppery cocktail. I have never had anything close to it, even with some alcohol in it!

Have a New York brunch. The brekkies in New York are pretty amazing, starting from the ones near Broadway with singing waitresses, who want to break it on Broadway, ending with some very classy, yet down to Earth ones. My favourite is Parker & Quinn. The decor resembles something of a mafia movie, the staff look classy and can almost read your minds at times – ‘more coffee?’

There’s plenty to explore in New York, but for now..  

Vienna City break – Kristian’s Monastiri and the palace

Incredibly hot during the summer, September is just the right time to pop down for a little visit to Vienna. After a 4 hour flight delay with Easyjet, compensated by an apology by the pilot that deserved an applause, we arrived in the city of Mozart kugeln, Wiener schnitzel and opera.

Out of the above three, I savoured only the first two and in fact, food is THE thing to feast on when in Vienna.

The culmination was a dinner at Kristian’s Monastiri, for my beautiful friend Lenna’s birthday.  We started with some amuse bouche..

Then had a pretty amazing salmon starter with an addition of green sauce from a toothpaste tube..  

..moving on to a courgettes and peppers vegetarian dish with soup, which felt like the perfect autumn dish to have. In fact it was probably one of my favourites.

 I have to say though that the staff weren’t overly rushed. It took them 30 minutes to bring me an apple juice and the length between courses was sufficiently long. Perhaps it’s the style in Vienna, not to overly rush.
Off we went to devour the seabream dish. Looking back to it, I did actually really enjoy it.

However my favourite bit was a little palette cleanser, before the meat dish. So refreshing and slightly minty.    

The meat course was good, I particularly enjoyed the mushroom sauce and bits of greens, but I have to say that I had to share the meaty bits with the boys at the table.

And then there was the cheese…
…and the dessert. Have to say that our table was most impressed by the dessert. Whether it was the presentation or the variety of tastes, everyone was equally wowed by it.  

As we arrived slightly later than perhaps the other Austrian guests, the restaurant was empty by the time we left, that would be around midnight. However, the tastes we took with us are definitely worth coming back for.    

My other favourite in Vienna is the Schönbrunn palace. It used to be a home for many royalties, however the most intriguing of them to me was Empress Elisabeth of Austria or Sisi, as she is known.  She was married young to the Emperor, who adored her, but she wasn’t as keen. She was known for her beauty and this she also worked hard by maintaining that by wearing tight corsets to eat less and skip family meals. She also spent hours grooming her hair, guess not much different from girls these days. The palace was definitely worth a visit, even if one ends up being in the room with hundreds of other tourists equally fascinated.