Vienna City break – Kristian’s Monastiri and the palace

Incredibly hot during the summer, September is just the right time to pop down for a little visit to Vienna. After a 4 hour flight delay with Easyjet, compensated by an apology by the pilot that deserved an applause, we arrived in the city of Mozart kugeln, Wiener schnitzel and opera.

Out of the above three, I savoured only the first two and in fact, food is THE thing to feast on when in Vienna.

The culmination was a dinner at Kristian’s Monastiri, for my beautiful friend Lenna’s birthday.  We started with some amuse bouche..

Then had a pretty amazing salmon starter with an addition of green sauce from a toothpaste tube..  

..moving on to a courgettes and peppers vegetarian dish with soup, which felt like the perfect autumn dish to have. In fact it was probably one of my favourites.

 I have to say though that the staff weren’t overly rushed. It took them 30 minutes to bring me an apple juice and the length between courses was sufficiently long. Perhaps it’s the style in Vienna, not to overly rush.
Off we went to devour the seabream dish. Looking back to it, I did actually really enjoy it.

However my favourite bit was a little palette cleanser, before the meat dish. So refreshing and slightly minty.    

The meat course was good, I particularly enjoyed the mushroom sauce and bits of greens, but I have to say that I had to share the meaty bits with the boys at the table.

And then there was the cheese…
…and the dessert. Have to say that our table was most impressed by the dessert. Whether it was the presentation or the variety of tastes, everyone was equally wowed by it.  

As we arrived slightly later than perhaps the other Austrian guests, the restaurant was empty by the time we left, that would be around midnight. However, the tastes we took with us are definitely worth coming back for.    

My other favourite in Vienna is the Schönbrunn palace. It used to be a home for many royalties, however the most intriguing of them to me was Empress Elisabeth of Austria or Sisi, as she is known.  She was married young to the Emperor, who adored her, but she wasn’t as keen. She was known for her beauty and this she also worked hard by maintaining that by wearing tight corsets to eat less and skip family meals. She also spent hours grooming her hair, guess not much different from girls these days. The palace was definitely worth a visit, even if one ends up being in the room with hundreds of other tourists equally fascinated.


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