Blogs I follow

I’ve noticed that recently, instead of reaching for a magazine, I’ve been a more avid reader of other blogs. At times it seems to be the best way to find out about new places to visit and new things to try out or guess I’ll have to admit it, new things to purchase.   

To share with you, below some of my favorite bloggers:

A Model Recommends or Ruth Crilly has such a great style of writing, whilst learning about new beauty products, she also manages to write in a very funny, upbeat way. She’s now also writing a new mother/baby blog called The Uphill, which is equally entertaining and useful at the same time.

The Londoner is written by Rosie, a very pretty lady with amazing hair living in London. Her blog comes with some amazing photographs, so in addition to reviews on fashion shows or restaurants, it’s also a pretty blog to have my eye rest on.

La Petite Anglaise is another young lady living in London, writing about fashion and various glitzy events. She does seem to get around a lot and I enjoy admiring her colourful outfits.

SilverSpoon London is a blog written by Angie, yet again another blogger from London. However, she writes more about luxury travel destinations and seems to have been to almost every restaurant worth visiting in London. Definitely a good read for some indulgement inspirations.

Please add your favourite blogs to comments so I can check them out.


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