Best charity shops in London

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Mahatma Gandhi  

Have to say, that going to a charity shop is kind of opposite to the above (probably only applies if you’re volunteering there). However, it’s a perfect way to support a good cause through our consumerism. Some of London charity shops look like designer shops and it makes you wonder why there’s the need to go to any ‘real’ shops at all.

One of the first ones I visited when I moved to London was Octavia Foundation (211 Brompton Road, SW3 2EJ) near Harrods. They had just been donated a Chanel jacket and a skirt. Whilst the skirt was being sampled by a woman, who clearly was a little too big for it, the lady volunteering at the store kindly offered me to try it on as ‘you never know when you can try one on again..’ And I ended up departing with it. I consider it as an investment for life and nice chunky donation for charity.

Mary’s Living and Giving Shop for Save the Children (177 Westbourne Grove, W11 2SB) is a charity shop set up by Mary Portas, English retail consultant and broadcaster. Very well laid out and contains as good of finds as the Octavia Foundation shop. I last spotted a gorgeous Sandro leather jacket, but have before departed with Rena Lange jacket and Tory Burch ballerinas. Would definitely recommend you to add this to your ‘things to do’ when strolling around Notting Hill over the weekend.

Fara Kids&Baby (39/41 Ledbury Road W11 2AA) is something slightly different, but incredibly useful when in need to buy baby equipment or perhaps find a present for friends kids. Lots of choice, from books, toys to French branded children’s clothes.

Fertha (36 Hereford Road W2 5AJ) is another very stylish looking charity shop tucked away on Hereford Road and run by Jade, who got inspired when living a year only wearing clothes from charity shops. She handpicks clothes that have been donated to a charity and sells them in her store. The idea is to be able to support different charities through shopping in one place. She’s got a good eye and the selection is amazing and reasonably priced. I got myself a non-maternity maternity dress from Sandro, which I’ve worn loads.

Which places do you recommend or what are your thoughts on shopping in charity shops?


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