Favourite streets of London

Since I’ve lived in London, I’ve found walking around to be the best way to explore the city. I started with an A-Z in my hand, which quickly evolved into Google Maps to guide me through the city. I’ve always tried to take a slightly different route to wherever I’d be going and as a result discovered quite a bit.

Walking around the city during Christmas time is particularly pleasant as there are plenty of Christmas decorations and lights to take in. Hence here are some of my favourite streets of London.

Great Titchfield Street runs parallel to Great Portland Street and in general is a lot more quiet to walk on. I discovered that it’s conveniently  filled with loads of design shops and clothing stores, which have some pretty good deals on. There is also a Scandinavian shop/cafe for those who are into Scandi food, or Finnish chocolates in fact.

Mount Street is probably my most favourite street of all. Gorgeous Christmas lights decorating the street, with steam coming out of the infinity fountain in front of the Connaught Hotel, when you’re on your way to get some high end stationery from Mount Street Printers and afterwards have a stiff drink at Connaught Hotel bar. Simply a magical street.

Westbourne Grove – the more quiet neighbour of Portobello road. I’d say that’s the street where the locals prefer to hang out. Trendy cafes are swamped with trendy crowd over the weekends, main one being Granger and Co. There’s also a fabulous organic food shop Daylesford for getting a treat for dinner.  

Marylebone High Street – it’s a great street to walk on after being stuck on Oxford Street. Looks magical during the evenings and has a wide variety of shops and cafes, from Kusmi tea shop to Daunt Books, it’s all there to have you lost for hours. 

 Kensington Church Street doesn’t offer as much entertainment, but is great to explore if you like antiques as there’s plenty do antique shops there. The street also hosts one of the best pubs in London,Churchill Arms, where one can get super tasty yet reasonably priced Thai food. Another spot worthy a visit is the Chegworth Farm Shop that sells most delicious banana, apple and pear cakes. 

Where else would you add to the list?


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