My Favourite My Burberry


If diamonds are girls best friend, then perfume is definitely the second best friend. You can never have too many and one can dress a perfume like an outfit – light and floral for the day and musky or woody for the evening. Or you can just wear the perfume inspired by a trench coat, depending on what the weather is like. 

My Burberry is a perfume that’s supposed to create the scent of a London garden after rain. It must be a very floral garden, as ours doesn’t smell like this, however, the perfume definitely carries the freshness after rain. It’s not overly sweet, yet has a tiny hint of flower in it. I love the fact that one of the top notes is sweet pea! The perfume is long lasting, at least on me.

The design of the bottle carries the trench coat theme, with horn finished cap and hand-tied bow of gabardine, which is a fabric invented by Thomas Burberry over a 100 years ago. 

Did I say that the faces for the perfume are Cara and Kate? Can it get more English than that.

An excellent last minute Christmas present for someone who loves London.


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