A HAPPY New Year

Hello 2016, you’re here at last. When I was little I’d imagine that by now people would zoom around in flying automobiles, however, many other equally amazing things have happened since then and I’m sure each of you have your favourite achievement in mind.

It’s good to start a New Year with happy thoughts and there are a few favourites below I’d like to share to help you get going for the New Year:

TED talk by Robert Waldinger answers the question what makes people happy according to the findings of the longest study of happiness. You can probably guess what is what has made people happiest in their lives, but sometimes it’s better to have four generations of Harvard scholars prove your point. 

NK Space sale it’s pretty satisfying to go shopping after Christmas, when there are sales around each corner. NK Space has some great deals on various beauty brands like REN and Aromatherapy Associates amongst them. If you were forward looking and wanted to make your girlfriends happy, it’s a good occasion to pile up on gifts for the year ahead.  

Sun exposure has it’s benefits, so we should all have more of it, in reasonable quantities, of course. Sun makes you happy and provides vitamin D.  

Friends and their hobbies, I’m sure we’ve all got some of those. Like my friend Sally’s all-natural soap, salve and infused oils business Radici, which uses truly natural ingredients. It’s wonderful to use a soap that you know has been cured for months to soak in the goodness or use a chamomile salve at the beginning of the year on my dry looking lips.


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