Perfect companion for the year: Passion Planner

  Apart from exercise, getting organised is what people want to get on track with when a new year arrives. Whether it lasts longer than end of Janury is another question.

I’ve had numerous calendars throughout my life. In fact, when still a student, it was a big ritual to get a unique looking diary at the beginning of each school year.

Last year I stumbled across the Passion Planner, when skimming through Kickstarter website and pretty quickly decided to get one for me and my sister.

Developed by a Angela Trinidad, who herself couldn’t find the perfect planner, decided to create one.

The Look of the diary is practically identical to Moleskine, which suits me fine as that’s what I’ve used for many years. It’s what inside that makes it different. The diary provides you a mind map to plan your goals for short and long term, some inspirato all quotes and challenges for each week and space for both work and personal related tasks. At the end of each month there are pages to reflect on it before moving onto the next one. And there are plenty of ‘freestyle’ pages at the back to doodle or write down anything you wish.

In fact if you want, you can download Passion Planner for free here or buy their special edition Twilight Blue diary here.

Happy getting organised!


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