Travel essentials for Tropics

Holidays for me very often involve going somewhere with sea, sun and wind, partly to accommodate my husband’s passion to kitesurf, partly because it’s just damn wonderful. 

I always travel with a very light bag, even for a longer trip, as it’s not like you need very much. These essentials are might just be enough.  

Sunglasses are a must, to delay those crows feet from appearing. It has been difficult for me to find the right fit, however in the end I got there through the help of a Style Guide for Face Shapes Finlay&Co have on their website and an expert honest sales advisor, who led me in the right direction (i.e. don’t buy these, black doesn’t suit you, buy those). 

Sun cream is another must for everyone, however being particularly pale, I do have to take good care. Which I at times forget, I admit. Green People Sunscreen for Children is a great cream I discovered, being for children it’s particularly gentle and doesn’t contain ingredients I prefer not to have, from parabens to petrochemicals. And it lasts very well, even after a good soak in the water.

Hair conditioner is pretty much the only thing that can fight frizzy, sun damaged hair. There’s a fantastic all in one milk by Davines which I’ve been using, which you just have to spray in your hair after towel drying. Smells lush and has a long list of functions such as ‘adding shine, promoting softness, eradicating tangles, minimising frizz, enhancing volume and increasing the longevity of your chosen style’ which means only one bottle for everything is needed. Have to say it does do all the above and has kept my locks moisturised and shiny.

Anything made out of silk is good to take with you as it’s the perfect beach wear, lets your skin breathe, feels luxurious, looks good and most importantly, hardly takes any space in your bag. There are nice, but pricey ranges from Juliet Dunn and Matthew Williamson, but there are always sales. Also check out the selection from Cloe Cassandro, I still regret myself I didn’t get one of those long dresses when I had the chance.

Good book is not really an essential to take with you as at times there are books that other travellers have left behind wherever you go or you could just get one where you go. However I always take one with me, just in case, not worth the risk.

Here’s to holidays!


2 thoughts on “Travel essentials for Tropics

    1. Triiin

      I did, finished it in 3 days, very well written. Good read both as a crime story and a way to learn about psychoanalysis, Freud and Jung and New York at the beginning of 20th century. Although it’s fiction some of the events did happen. So I’d recommend it.


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