Lunch at Ilot Mangenie, Mauritius

I only came to appreciate being by the seaside in Mauritius after a one day tour across the island in an air conditioned car. What is even better is lunching by the water, only to jump into the sea between courses.

And yes;that is exactly what we did on Ilot Mangenie. Part of Touessrok hotel, it serves fantastic lunch on a private island. Reachable either by transfer from the hotel or by water taxi.

The guests receive a warm welcome upon arrival and the tables are laid out right in front of the sea, under the trees.


The menu fits on one wooden tablet (made me think of Ed Milliband) and has some fantastic choices.


I went for the palm heart and smoked Marlin salad as a starter, which is such a flagship dish in Mauritius. Something one must try. It was very tasty and artistically presented.

As a main I decided to go a bit meaty as it allowed me to change from lentils and rice. I had the steak with potatoes and gosh it was tasty.  However there was also the healthier fish of the day option. For some reason there was a very skinny dog who arrived near our table around the time we started to eat and as I could see that she was a nurturing mother of puppies, I did donate some of my food to her.

Which left enough space for the dessert and by recommendation, we had a round of banane flambé. There was a good glug of rum in the dessert, again, very Mauritian.

The highlight for me was the decaf coffee. It has been so often, that I’ve been served with Nespresso or Nescafé. So it was great to have a mug of real coffee.

And then, another dip into the sea whilst waiting for the water taxi to the hotel.
Couldn’t ask for a nicer day out.



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