Sensory travel with Harper’s Bazaar 

Last week I had the pleasure to attend Harper’s Bazaar’s and Ritz Carlton’s evening of travel held at an amazing venue of 30 Euston Square with my beloved sister and … my baby . There were some pretty stunning views inside the building!  

Upon arrival we were welcomed by glass of bubbly and canapés, surrounded by numerous eager travel lovers. We were then ushered to the lecture hall to hear a discussion on modern take on travel before we were given the opportunity to experience the sensory travel. 

This meant that there were themed rooms set up as Arizona, Kyoto and Barcelona. Decorated and catered by people that work at Ritz Carlton hotels in these parts of the world.

My favourite was Barcelona.


The patterns, colours and the flowers.

Seems like there is no better way to transform the atmosphere than bringing along locals, serving local wine and patatas bravas. What surprised me was how impressive the flowers were, really giving an idea of the look and feel of the hotel in Barcelona.

Certainly inspired me to go to Columbia Road Flower Market more often on a late Sunday afternoon and perhaps some day even Hotel des Arts in Barcelona.


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