Grandmother’s potions

  Roaming around my grandmother’s  garden when I was little is probably one of my fondest memories from childhood. She gave me a book, which listed all the healing properties of various herbs and plants. So there I was, plucking camomile blossoms and mint leaves, to lay them out to dry under the sunshine and make them into a comforting brew, when the cold came around.

When I had a baby, my grandmother sent me a book that lists all the natural remedies for illnesses, from garlic and aloe vera to lemon water. My mother brought me chamomile and tilia blossoms and it’s true, herbal teas, only from back home, are what I instantly long for when I’ve got a flu. 

It’s now that I’m a mother myself I really appreciate turning first to nature and then to Calpol and its equivalents. With spring’s arrival I cannot wait to soon pick some blossoms myself to tuck them away ready for next winter.


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