Roaming the fields of Cotswolds

Walking as always been one of my favourite ‘active’ things to do. Especially as during my walks I tend to discover so much new, enjoy taking a shortcut or change the route. As it turns out, walking makes us feel good and helps one stay younger, according to a BBC documentary I saw last week. Talk about added bonus.

It was my first proper visit to the Cotswolds recently and there’s probably no better place for walking. There are plenty of walking paths, which are indicated with signs saying ‘walking path’, however, in certain point it is questionable, where the path exactly is, so we ended up walking diagonally across the fields, hoping to pick up the ‘path’ at the other end. However, you will always end up at a beautiful village, with a cosy pub over there. Our destination was Churchill, more specifically, the Chequers pub. When considering the fact that we got rained on along the way, a pub with a fire place was just what we needed.

Food there was fantastic and arrived fast, the hit was the cheese souffle, which disappeared in a flash.

Tummies full, it was time to head off again and hopefully find our way back home across the fields.

Thank god for wellies. Particularly city – country chic Michael Kors ones.



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