Pit stop at Põhjaka, Estonia

Põhjaka has most likely become one of my favourite places to stop when travelling from one end of Estonia to the other. It used to be Sämmi grill many years ago, then it got closed (I think), so there was no reason to make a pit stop anymore, apart from buying hot chocolate from Statoil.

Põhjaka seems to have brought back the reason to break up a long journey again.
This restaurant is situated in an old manor house partially renovated, giving a slightly edgy, urban yet old feel to the place. Most importantly, it is very cosy and has little details, which almost make you feel at home.

There is an in-house cat, who has clearly marked its spot on the sofa with a small cat shaped hole. I made the mistake of taking its spot and soon after ended with the cat on my lap.

Põhjaka appears to be particularly child friendly, the menus on the tables are there to be drawn on with plentiful of colours. 

My favourite detail was the one in the loo. They seem to have resolved the problem for mothers on where to leave their child when visiting the loo, by placing a large basket on the window sill. My little cherub was definitely very content there.

And the food? Is pretty good. And arrives quick. Our selection of pork, white fish and liver mains were all delicious. I loved the parsnip purée with my white fish. 

There wasn’t much space left for dessert, so we shared a napoleon cake, my all time favourite. The pastry was a little too crispy for my liking, but just the way my sister likes it.

I finished the meal with a coffee served in a Soviet style cup.

Look forward to visiting again.


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