Bring me to the Moon, Tallinn and back… 

Tallinn has been incredibly well dotted with pretty fabulous restaurants. One of them, situated on the edge of trendy Kalamaja area, is Moon. It means Poppy, in English. The dogs are clearly more than welcome, which in itself is a good sign. For those who love dogs, obviously.

I had a leisurely lunch with my sister and father on a sunny afternoon and have to say, it is one of my favourite spots in Tallinn. Not for the decor, to be honest, but the service and food are amazing and worth coming back for.

Whenever I see a veggie burger on the menu, I tend to go for it. So guess what I had. The bun was amazingly fluffy and tasted homemade whilst the burger itself was juicy and full of flavour. Definitely one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. And look at those colours!

My sister went for something I would never have, Boeuf a la tartar. I still have memories of having raw liver and fat inside a mint leaf for breakfast in Lebanon, so it just doesn’t work for me. However, my sister loved it, so if that’s your thing, I’m sure it comes recommended.

My father on the other hand chose the Siberian dumplings, a very Eastern European dish. Simple, hearty and tasty.

I made a change from drinking water and had some kali, which is a very Baltic drink, made out of malt, yeast and bread (that’s what it says on the label). It tastes like bread, but is quite refreshing at the same time. It also tastes like there’s quite a bit of sugar in it, so I wouldn’t overdo it.One of us, and it wasn’t me, had a dessert, chocolate fondant. It looked as good and tasted as good as one that I’ve just recently had in South of France, which says quite a bit, right.So when in Tallinn, stop by.

Kohvik Moon
Võrgu 3, Tallinn 10415
+ 372 6 314 575



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