Simple things in life

2016 is behind us and 2017 is here.

2016 for me was a year of adapting to a new way of living, where this little most wonderful creature came into my life and took priority over ‘me’. Even the poor little parrot had to move over in bed and his neck rub count has significantly declined. However, I am working on improving that. In fact the parrot is learning to dance.

After being on maternity leave, my attitude to work has somewhat changed and despite really enjoying the independence and ‘me’ time that working now gives me, I know that family and doing what one loves is what give true joy.

So this year I hope will be more about enjoying the simple things in life. Such as cuddling my little one, literally exploring the world and developing our senses. Whether it’s learning a new word or demonstrating what happens if you push a pen into a balloon..

Considering the disruption of the status quo in the world, it’ll be better to ride through the storm whilst learning some calligraphy, writing more post cards, reading a book or two and simply being serene. Whilst exploring some fabulous places, trying out some tasty food and broadening my horizons on beauty potions and lotions.

Happy 2017.