10 Castle Street, our trip to the countryside

When last year my hubster whisked himself away on a skiing trip for Mother’s Day, then this year we were treated on a family trip away to the country side. The destination for the weekend was a complete surprise and I was ecstatic (in a very Estonian way)- to discover that he took us to a stunning Manor House in Cranbourne – 10 Castle Street.

We instantly felt very homely as we arrived. Not hard being in such a stunning place. As it was already quite late, a table was laid for us in what seemed like a sitting room. One fish and chips and chicken burger later, we had already had a little conversation with the locals, who were at the bar having a night cap.

I was very impressed by how child-friendly the place was, that said, it definitely wasn’t child-focused either. In the morning a beautiful antique baby chair had been brought out for my little lady and we could all choose breakfast from the menu. It turns out that it was the seat the owner Alex grew up with. 

I’m surprised to see that my little miss enjoyed her bit of Weetabix, whilst I also got her some scrambled eggs. After she had finished and made a sufficient mess, we had a run around the garden and visited Desmond the pig, who lives on the grounds with his Mrs.

 Desmond was saved a couple of years ago basically from being eaten and now munches on the numerous apples the guests seem to be bringing him.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent exploring the village, visiting the local flower nursery and popping by the Boutique on a Bus which had conveniently wheeled itself in the parking lot and I must say was incredibly popular with local ladies and tourists like myself alike. Everything was made in Italy and wouldn’t cost more than £50 and looked for great quality, only without a label as such.

We had the most wonderful dinner in the evening, whilst our little one was sleeping upstairs. The baby monitor worked very well, so we had the opportunity to have ‘date night.’ 

I very much enjoyed ordering quite a bit from the breakfast menu the next day. The little Miss made the most of the antique baby seat and Desmond the pig received some apples from us. 

It was sad to leave, but then now we know where to ask papa to take us next time.