Summer sun.. I wish.

Gosh I haven’t posted here for more than 6 months, however I’m happy to see that even so I have had someone come and visit my blog every day. Thank you, that’s sweet, however you ended up here.

Guess that’s what it shows you when you start working again and spend your evenings feeding, bathing and generally catching up with ones little one and life in general. 

I’ve had a few adventures this year and I’m actually getting more and more keen on exploring England. My particular favourite is Port Eliot Festival in Cornwall in July, for which the tickets have gone on sale on 30th October 2017. I thought that the festival wouldn’t happen this year due to the damage to the grounds because of all the mud, but appears that this festival is more resilient then that.

In fact I’ll write about my festival experience in my next post, completely ignoring the fact that Christmas is coming and get you inspired by some summer sun instead.


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